Benefits of Physician (Active) Membership:

  • Education:
    1. ACCME Accredited Meetings
    2. Preparation for Certification and Recertification Exams
    3. Opportunities to Increase Skill Level (see Grants & Fellowships)
    4. Traveling Fellowships & Professor in Residence Program
    5. Skill Course and Didactic Updates (in conjunction with NMA and other Medical Societies)
  • Practice Assistance
    1. Assistance in Practice Location
    2. Business of Medicine
    3. Practice Opportunities
  • Research Opportunities
    1. Financial & Administrative Support for Scientific Investigation (see Grants)
    2. Clinical Trials (Investigator Training, Funding Assistance, etc.)
  • Active Involvement in Organization Infrastructure
    1. Opportunities to become involved with and particiapte in AAOS Committee
  • Assistance in the Development & Monitoring of Local Public Health Programs
  • Mentoring Opportunities

Physician Opportunities:
Criteria for Physician (Active) Membership