Clarence L. Shields, Jr., MD, pictured here with his wife, Barbara, accepted the JRGOS Sports Medicine Award for 50 years of service at the recent AOSSM meeting in Washington, DC.

The event was hosted by Drs. Craig Bennett, Joel Boyd, Eric Carson, and Timothy Johnson, and marked the Second Annual Meeting of the JRGOS Sports Medicine Section at AOSSM. Dr. Timothy Johnson presented the award.

Outgoing AOSSM President, Dr. Mark Miller introduced Dr. Shields as a pioneer in developing sports fellowships at the Kerlan Jobe Institute where  Dr. Shields practiced for over 40 years. 

The reception was attended by the newly inducted President of AOSSM, Dean C. Taylor, MD,  AOSSM Past President Kurt P. Spindler, MD, as well as many Gladden Members.

Dr. Shields delivered an impactful speech which highlighted what he considers to be the most important work of his career, the Team HEAL Foundation.

Dr. Shields credited his wife, Barbara, and family with starting the Foundation. He is especially proud of the work the Foundation does bringing athletic trainers to Los Angeles area schools with high numbers of foster children emphasizing and reinforcing the value of education in athletic arenas.




Dr. Shields emphasized the power that orthopaedic surgeons have individually to change lives- one child at a time 

Dr. Riley Williams gave closing remarks that credited Dr. Shields' impact on his life, as a child growing up in Los Angeles schools, using sports and education as paths to his success.


Gladden members were well represented in the faculty of this years AOSSM. The Resident Forum was moderated by Dr. Lutul Farrow with panelists Dr. Gabriella Ode and Leah Brown.
Several of the many Gladden Residents who attended AOSSM had poster presentations. Resident Gladden Board Member Dr. Dancy Malik presented his poster, Identifying Racial Disparity in Utilization and Outcomes of Hip Arthroscopy using Machine Learning”.
Dr. Shields continues to be an inspiration to the members of JRGOS' Sports Medicine Section at AOSSM. The AOSSM's closing reception was held at the National Museum of African American History and

The Sports Medicine Section Meetings were very successful and we are looking forward
to the AOSSM 2024 Annual Meeting in Denver!

                                                                                         Craig Bennett, MD 
                                                                                         Joel Boyd, MD 
                                                                                         Eric Carson, MD,
JRGOS Immediate Past President
                                                                                         Timothy Johnson, MD