JRGOS Partnership Opportunities

Help propel your orthopaedic surgery department to the forefront of teaching, faculty development, and patient care as it relates to inclusivity and diversity. We invite you to join us as we strive to advance the specialty to a leading position in modern healthcare. In this time of social change, cultural transformation within orthopaedic surgery is crucial to address the long history of health care inequities. JRGOS advocates the continued production of excellent doctors and the provision of cutting edge treatment that is accessible to all people.

Because JRGOS strives to promote the highest quality of musculoskeletal care for all people, we ask that you join us in this endeavor through an Institutional Membership. Your membership dues directly fund pipeline programs to improve both minority medical student and resident access to “away rotations” via scholarships for travel, books and housing, and grants for scientific research.

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Partnership Opportunities for Industry, Institutions and Individuals
at the JRGOS Annual Luncheon Meeting

$25,000 - Recognition at Event
Includes walk-in slide, eBulletin to JRGOS Membership, and a table card at each table

$10,000 - Table Sponsorship
Includes 10 seats at table

$5,000 - eBulletin to Membership
Provide your content to JRGOS for release to its membership before, during or after the Annual Luncheon Meeting. Content must be received 30 days in advance of target release date.

Custom Donation or Support
We appreciate any manner in which you choose to support us! Fields to describe or enter a monetary donation will be provided with this selection

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